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Victorian Card Star (Remote Control)

Victorian Card Star (Remote Control)
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Model: Victorian Card Star (Remote Control)
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Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50


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Our Victorian Card Star is based on Professor Hoffmans version as described in his book MODERN MAGIC first written in 1876. The performer coming forward with a pack of cards, allows 6 to be chosen. His assistant brings out an attractive stand, and rests it on a table. The cards are gathered and shuffled into the pack. As the cards are sprung forward from the performers hand each selected card is seen to attach itself to the six points of the star.

Our Card Star is made of solid hardwoods, Walnut, Maple and Oak.

It measures 18 inches wide and 29 inches tall.

It disasembles into three sections for packing.

We have tried to stay true to Professor Hoffmans design except of course updating it with a wireless remote control. You can activate the remote yourself whenever you spring the cards at the star no assistant is neccesary and you never have to touch the star!

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Victorian Card Star (Remote Control)
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Victorian Card Star (Remote Control)
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