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Needle Thru Arm

Needle Thru Arm
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Model: Needle thru Arm
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The “Needle thru Arm” has been a staple of magic for many years, mostly since Harry Anderson presented and made it famous on Saturday Night Live. We’ve been manufacturing them in one form or another, with or without our label for many years as well. The effect is well known but I will give you a condensed version.

The spectators see the gleaming chrome, 12-inch-long hat needle. "This," the performer says, "is what’s known as a voodoo needle, used for sticking in a voodoo doll to hurt your enemy.” After the magician talks up the powers of voodoo and magic he cleans off his arm with a towel, and holds it up for all to see.

Picking up the needle, the magician plunges it into the flesh of his forearm! As he pushes the needle back and forth, his arm is turned away from the audience. The audience doesn’t believe it has pierced the performer's flesh. That is until he turns his arm around and they can actually see the needle stuck through the skin. As he pushes it back and forth it even starts to bleed.

The needle is now slowly removed from the performer's arm in full view of the audience. A cloth is used to clean off the blood and the arm is shown to be completely unharmed.

• Supplied with Precision machined Chrome Needle, Stage Blood and everything needed to perform this miracle right out of the box.

• Guaranteed air tight Bulb

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