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Pocket Haunted Timber

Pocket Haunted Timber
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Price: $48.00
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Model: Pocket Haunted Timber
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Completely mechanical mechanism hidden inside the block.

The block falls off in 30 seconds.

No Magnets or Threads !

The Most Realistic Tipping Block
ever Designed now made for Close-up
and Walk Around Performers !

this is really a cool trick to carry around with you.

The magician displays an old looking block of wood and hands it out for thorough examination. As the solid oak block is being examined the magician explains that this particular piece of wood was removed from a house that was said to be haunted. He places the block on top of a bottle or balances on the edge of a deck of cards and stands back several feet from the bottle. As he concentrates and focuses all of his psychic energy on the block, in about thirty seconds, the block starts to move and falls off the top of the bottle or off the deck of cards!

Pocket Timber Measures
¾ by ¾ by 6 inches.

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Pocket Haunted Timber
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Pocket Haunted Timber
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